Introducing To Our Company


Let us introduce our company and take you to the brief tour through our domain of business. We are manufacturing and trading company engaged in designing, producing and selling a wide range of industrial equipment and components, as well as manufacturing and processing machinery.

Our company emerged from a small family business three decades ago. Nowadays, we employ over hundred workers and have a branchy net of stores and smaller manufacturing substations doing business all over the China. We supply with our products many industrial fields, such as automotive and shipping industry, agriculture and construction industry, as well as many smaller companies. Currently, we are crossing the boundaries and spreading our business network into dozens of countries in Europe.

All our products fall under the ISO9001:2008 system certification and all the members of our big team are educated, well trained, experienced, dedicated and aware of the responsibility lying in every step of the manufacturing process.

Take a look at our assortment of products

Our company started years ago as the small manufacturer of sliding bearings. Over the years, our assortment of products has grown partially according to our growing ambitions and partially due to the market demands. What started as a family company focused on the production of one type of product has grown into large scale company producing dozens of various industrial elements and supplying a great deal of China’s industry fields.

Some of the main products include all sorts of sliding bearing, self – lubricating bearing, door hinge bearing, roller guide bushing, wheel hub bearing, clutches, condition monitoring systems, linear motion products, constant velocity joints and many, many others.

All our products are designed and projected by highly educated engineers and produced by skilled and well-trained technicians. Our company uses high-quality materials and the latest technology for manufacturing processes. This guarantees the quality, durability and perfect functioning of all our products, thus leading to satisfied customers.

Non-Standard Plastic Coated Ball Bearing

The newest product line added to our rich collection of products is a line of non – standard plastic coated ball bearing. We use bearing steel in a single row coated with nylon and produced in medium and small size. This product will be used mostly for the European market and the planned capacity of production over a year is 500 000 items.

Search our web presentation to find detailed descriptions of all our products, including all the material specifications, amounts of available products; the time required for manufacturing, price list and all other needed information.

Feel free to contact us

The head – quarter of our company, is currently in Shanghai, but we have several substations doing business in various regions of China. Also, there are dozens of our foreign branches in several countries in Europe. You may contact us via listed phone numbers, use our mailing address to get in contact or show up personally in our offices. Plenty data is available here at our website, and we keep it updated regularly, but our customer service is kind and ready to answer all your question at any moment.

Who are we?


Over more than two decades ago we engaged into this field of work as a small family business producing only sliding bearings back then. Nowadays, our company stands proud as one of the most influential manufacturers engaged with designing, projecting, producing and exporting a wide range of industrial equipment and components. We are settled in Shanghai; our business network covers many cities all over the China, but the lately majority of our production is being exported to foreign countries, mostly Europe.

Why should you work with us?

There are many reasons to trust us and get involved with us, but the consistency of the quality of our products is certainly our most important feature. We believe in long lasting of high quality, and the whole team of workers in our company is dedicated to achieving that.
We have a long tradition, great experience and quite a long list of satisfied regular customers. We use the latest technology, high-quality materials and strictly respect the quality standards in our manufacturing process.

All our products fulfill ISO standard, standard measurements (unless the customer requires otherwise) and our deliveries are on time.

We have big manufacturing capacity, and we are capable of delivering huge amounts of products within a relatively small period.

The list of our products is impressive

Our main product is plastic coated self – lubricating bearing. Furthermore, we design and produce bimetal bearing, oilless guide bushing, steel bushing, graphite inlaid bushing, wrapped bronze bushing, deep groove ball bearing; door hinges bearing and thrust ball bearing. These are just some of the product lines we constantly produce for our regular customers. There are many other products we can manufacture on demand.

Our company employs more than one hundred experts, educated engineers, skilled manual workers and various technicians. When their knowledge and skills are combined with the finest technology and dedicated work, the quality and great functioning of our products are guaranteed.

The list of industry branches we supply with elements is also impressive

Our products are currently being widely used in automotive industry, office machines, steel industry, agricultural machinery and its maintenance, construction industry and producing of medical equipment, as well as for the production and maintenance of various domestic devices. You can find our products in the steering system, engines, copy machines, doors and windows, tractors, body presses, microwave ovens, dental and X – ray equipment, lift components and many other devices and systems around us.

How to reach us

We took you through a brief review of our company and our product lines. If we have managed to gain your trust and interest, feel free to call us on the listed phone numbers if you have any questions. Many data and detailed explanations are available here, at our web presentation. Our customer service is willing to provide you with all the data you want to know, and of course, you can always find us directly in our offices. There is a precise and detailed map with marked locations and full addresses of all our branches over the China and foreign countries. These are the places where you can buy our finished products.

We are the reliable manufacturer you are looking for


Our company emerged twenty years ago from a small family business, and it has been developing ever since. The focus of our manufacturing is design and production of all types of sliding bearings, but we are specialized in the production of ball bearings, roller bearings, and automotive bearings. Our company employs over one hundred of technicians, engineers, designers and manual workers. Our head – quarter is settled in Dayton Area, but we have our stores and workshop net all over the China.

For more than two decades we have been passionately dedicated to precision, high-quality materials, the durability of our products and highly satisfying relations with our customers. We are supplying many industrial fields with our products, including the automotive industry, construction, shipping and agricultural industry and many other companies doing business in China.

Also, we are spreading our business network to other countries, and currently we have business partners in more than ten countries in Europe and USA.

We have what you need in our assortment

You will find what you need in our rich assortment of products because we cover dozens of different types of products and we are, also, willing to manufacture custom products in certain situations. If you explore the whole assortment of our products, you will find sliding bearing, bimetal sliding bearing, self – lubricating bearing, door hinge bearing, roller guide bushing, not – standard plastic coated ball bearing, wheel hub bearing and much more.

Also, these are not our main manufacturing lines, but we do produce plumber blocks, constant velocity joints, clutches, linear motion products, EV and condition monitoring system and many other elements required in various fields of industry.

For all the details and a full review of every our product, you can download catalog from our website or contact our customer service for detailed information.

Some of the reasons you should rely on our company

We are not the only manufacturer producing these types of products for wide market in China and other countries, but we have some qualities that distinct us from others. We have a long tradition of dealing with this field of business. Thus our team consists of well trained, experienced and educated engineers and technicians. Thousands of satisfied customers testify to our quality and create our good reputation. We invest all our skills, knowledge and technology into the production of high-quality products, but we also make sure to deliver our products on time, to keep our prices at the average level and to always have professional and kind relations with all our customers.

Contact us

Our customer service is available any time for all the questions and information you might need. Feel free to give us a call at the phone number listed below. You can use our mail address to contacts us, and we will answer within a short period. Our web page is regularly maintained and updated, so you can search it and read a detailed description of everything we do. Also, you will find here a full list of all our stores doing business in China, and you may find our products at those addresses.